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ParticipACTION’s Sneak It In Week

ParticipACTION’s new Sneak It In Week is happening this April 9-13. We are hoping that you can send the information on to organizations you work with and/or get involved yourself!

About Sneak It In

Lose the loafers. Give the heels a break.  Get ready for Sneak it In Week, brought to you by ParticipACTION.  Wear sneakers to work April 9-13 and you’ll see how easy it can be to fit in more activity.  Walk to lunch.  Park a few blocks away.  Hit the pavement on your coffee break.  As long as your heart beats faster for 10 minutes, it really counts!   So get active and sneak it in.  You’ll be rewarded with a longer, happier, more fulfilling life.

What can YOU do?

Participating in Sneak It In Week is easy.  All we’re asking you to do is to help us pre-promote this playful initiative to get people excited about sneaking it in.  Right away, you can:

  • Visit the ParticipACTION website and download free Sneak It In Week resources/materials
  • Include a logo and some information about Sneak It In Week in your next newsletter
  • Add Sneak It In Week to your employee calendar or intranet mailings
  • Print, email or distribute the attached logo, posters, door hangers, and desk signs (EN and FR)
  • Make a promise to yourself and your colleagues that you’ll sneak it in that week
  • And, in the week leading up to Sneak It In Week, you can:
  • Share your excitement through Facebook, Twitter (#sneakitin/ #tempspourbouger), your blog or website
  • Visit the ParticipACTION website for tips on sneaking it in, more background and information

What will WE do?

During Sneak It In Week, April 9-13, ParticipACTION will be issuing a national press release, doing media outreach, posting unique content on Facebook, Twitter, our blog and website, furnishing street teams in some markets to hand out promotional materials and reaching out to corporate and sector organizations.  It might be easier than you think to find 10 minutes to sneak it in.

We’d love an email from you to tell us how you participate, so we can showcase some of your stories in our upcoming newsletter, and make it even bigger and better next year:

If you need anything else, drop us a note at