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New Report--Urban Aboriginal Diabetes Research Project, Anishnawbe Health Toronto and TCLHIN

Anishnawbe Health Toronto, in partnership with the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) are pleased to present the findings of the year-long Urban Aboriginal Diabetes Research Project (UADRP). The Report highlights the need for a new model of care to address one of Toronto's most vulnerable and hidden populations.

The broad findings of this study indicate that Aboriginal people in Toronto seek health care services but rarely receive culturally relevant services to address their unique needs. Fear and denial around diabetes, increasing incidence of diabetes in Aboriginal youth call for a unique service model which combines western medicine with a wholistic and culture-based model of care. It calls for ongoing support to younger age groups, females of child-bearing age, males and two-spirited people within the Urban Aboriginal population.

Most significant is the emphasis across these recommendations for culturally relevant  programming that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Such programs need to be delivered in all areas of the greater Toronto area and should include sharing circles that are peer-led whereby Aboriginal people living with diabetes can share their experiences.

While the objectives of this research project were; a) to gather information regarding Aboriginal cultural perspectives about diabetes and barriers to diabetes management, b) to identify challenges that Aboriginal people living with diabetes in the GTA experience, and c) to uncover misconceptions and cultural nuances in order to identify barriers and interventions that will enable positive health outcomes in Aboriginal people with diabetes, the results are far broader than looking just at diabetes.  This report highlights the need for a culturally-relevant approach to care that is relevant across all healthcare sectors.

To download a copy of this groundbreaking study, please follow this link:

For more information about this study, please contact Jane Harrison, Diabetes Lead, Anishnawbe Health Toronto at

For more information on the Aboriginal health initiatives in the Toronto Central LHIN, please contact Vanessa Ambtman, Aboriginal Health Lead, Toronto Central LHIN at Vanessa.Ambtman@LHINS.ON.CA or at (416) 969-3326.