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Program Manager, New Opportunities for Innovation Student Engagement Project

Toronto, Ontario
Deadline April 22, 2012

Type of Position: 12 Month Contract
Hours: 5 days a week
Salary Range: $50,000 - $60,000 per annum plus benefits
Application Deadline: April 22, 2012, or when position is filled

The New Opportunities for Innovative Student Engagement Project (NOISE) is a pilot project that is aimed at enhancing the academic success of BSW students, MSW students and youth from the Jane-Finch community through engaged learning opportunities that energize and support their civic engagement and psychosocial wellbeing. NOISE for Social Change will create and pilot 20 Community Action Pods (CAP) – each will be made up of five participants: two youth from Jane-Finch community, a BSW student, an MSW student and a York University Social Work alumnus. Each of the CAPs will engage in reflective, intentional hands-on social action projects that allow youth and students to work collaboratively on relevant contemporary socio-political-economic conditions. The social action projects will ground academic concepts in real-world contexts and allow the youth and students to learn from each other and from alumni and faculty. NOISE for Social Change is funded by the Academic Innovation Fund of York University.

A well-organized and experienced inaugural Project Manager is required to develop and pilot the NOISE for Social Change project. The manager will work with the NOISE Advisory Committee to develop the project’s theory of change and evaluation strategies for tracking project outcomes. The manager will develop required policies and processes to guide the work of the project, manage and report on the project budget, facilitate communication among all stakeholders, supervise the activities of graduate research assistants and facilitate community partnerships. Responsibilities include coordinating the engaged learning activities of the Community Action Pods, keeping records of team activities, ensuring consistent information flow, liaising with NOISE fellows, alumni, faculty and community members, managing project data, organizing materials and resources to facilitate project activities, and carrying out other project management tasks as required. Over the course of the project, the coordinator will assist in applying for funding to sustain the project after the end of the Academic Innovation Fund.

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