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Canadian Best Practices Portal: New Content

Guidance for Public Health Nutrition Practice

School nutrition policies and strategies to support food security have an impact on eating habits and nutritional intake, but what do we know about what works in practice? The Dietitians of Canada’s Practice-Based Evidence Network
(  (PEN) has developed public health nutrition practice guidance on these two topics for the Canadian Best Practices Portal.

Portal users can now find a series of school nutrition policies  and food security practice questions and knowledge pathways (i.e. answers) linked to comments, evidence summaries and
evaluation ratings.

Here’s a sample of the practice questions that are explored in the new content which is also linked to the healthy eating, school health, and food security interventions on the Portal:
*        What are the elements of a “best practices” approach to the implementation of school nutrition policies ?
*        What impact do food banks , Good Food Box (GFB) programs, collective kitchens , community gardens or farmers’ markets  have on individual and household food security?

Check the Portal’s Featured Topics , upper right on the home page, to find the answers to these questions and much more.

PREVNet Introduces Online Resource for Bullying and Preventing Violence on the CBPP

The Canadian Best Practices Portal and the Centre for Health Promotion have collaborated with the Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet) to develop a new section on violence prevention  interventions on the Portal.  A total of 38 programs from around the world were systematically reviewed and added to the Portal as a result of this project. 

To increase awareness of these interventions, and the Portal itself, among educators, social workers and community workers, the new violence prevention content  was launched on November 16, 2011 during Bullying Awareness Week at Ridgemont High School in Ottawa.  This school has successfully implemented the "Fourth R: Skills for Youth Relationships " program found on the Portal.

Innovative Interventions now on the Best Practices Portal

An innovative intervention involves the use of a new approach that is different from ‘usual’ or ‘common’ practice. Two types of these interventions are available on the Portal as a result of a project with the Strategic Initiatives and Innovations Directorate.

  • Alternative Conceptual Innovations: The implementation, development, or generation of completely new interventions, tools, theories, methods or policies.
  • Incremental Innovations: The adaptation of an existing intervention through the incorporation of new strategies, tools, theories methods or policies.

Twenty-three innovative interventions on obesity prevention, mental health promotion and injury prevention have been added to the Portal.  Eleven of these innovative programs are Canadian. Here are two examples: 

Continuous Portal Updates
The Portal team is continually reviewing and updating content on the site by and ensuring links are up-to-date. If you notice anything that needs to be updated, please contact us here: .