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A Healthy Society: In Conversation with Ryan Meili, Wellesley Institute

Toronto, Ontario
May 29, 2012

10:00-11:30 a.m.
10 Alcorn Avenue, Suite 300

Bob Gardner, Director of Policy at the Wellesley Institute, and Dr. Ryan Meili will sit down to talk about how focusing on health can bring about and revive Canadian democracy. In his fantastic new book A Healthy Society: How a Focus on Health can Revive Canadian Democracy, Dr. Meili uses storytelling and scholarship to illuminate how poor health is linked to poverty, abuse, lack of social services, and lack of access to education, affordable housing and good jobs. Canada is retreating in all of these areas, not progressing. How can we change the course of our country to bring good health and well-being to all of our communities?

Coffee and refreshments will be served.