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Program Evaluation: Logic Models Workshop, Canadian Evaluation Society

London, Ontario
June 5-6 2012

The Canadian Evaluation Society Ontario Chapter is offering its Logic Models course.

In this workshop participants will learn:

  • What is evaluation and how do logic models fit in?
  • What are the different components of logic models and their definitions?
  • What are the potential uses, benefits and limitations of logic models in Canadian and international projects?
  • What are the different types of logic models?
  • How do you test your logic model to see if it works?

What are evaluations issues and questions? How do you build an evaluation matrix?

This is an intermediate course and requires a basic understanding of evaluation terms and methodology. Completion of the CES Essential Skills Series, which is regularly offered by the Ontario Chapter, is highly recommended.

Spaces are limited, so register early to secure your seat. For more details and pricing, download the flyer at, visit or contact Karen Sklash at