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Health Promotion Capacity Building Services and Resources, Alcohol Policy at a Glance Webinar, PHO

May 22, 2012

11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

A comprehensive, policy-led approach is essential in mitigating alcohol-related harms. Recent international research conducted through the World Health Organization has identified key alcohol policy domains approaches for public health practitioners and policy-makers to focus efforts. This introductory webinar will provide a primer on the importance and appropriateness of using policy as a health promotion strategy to reduce harms associated with alcohol. A brief overview of the harms and costs associated with alcohol in Ontario will be delivered along with a discussion on evidence-informed alcohol policy instruments. The presentation will conclude by providing a brief snapshot of Ontario’s current landscape, challenges, and opportunities in regards to alcohol policy while providing links to helpful resources and reports.

A new opportunity for attendees of the Alcohol Policy at a Glance webinar: personalized consultation

Benjamin Rempel, the presenter for the Alcohol Policy at a Glance webinar on May 22, 2012, will also be available for informal, one-on-one, free consultations in follow-up to the webinar.

These consultations can be on any area of alcohol policy.  For example:

  • I would like more context on alcohol policy in Ontario
  • I’m interested in new research in this area
  • I’m looking for resources to assist with developing a municipal alcohol policy or regional alcohol strategy
  • I’m looking for advice on how to proceed within the alcohol policy development process
  • I’d like someone to review and offer advice on a proposed alcohol policy
  • I’m planning an alcohol intervention and would like advice on how to begin
  • I’m unclear to what indicators our alcohol intervention should focus on to measure success
  • … or anything else related to alcohol policy  

If you would like to sign up for a time to consult with Benjamin, you can do so by going to and registering for one of the consultation sessions at  Once you have signed up, you will be contacted via email to provide a sentence or two about your topic for consultation.

Once a consultation session is booked, that time is held for you.  If you find you can’t attend, please contact Hasina Jamal at or call 647-260-7471 to cancel or to rebook.
Of course, you are also able to request a free consultation at any time with our field support specialists by completing the brief form:

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