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Skills for Health Promotion: An Introductory-level Workshop, Public Health Ontario

Peterborough, Ontario
June 4-5, 2012

Trent University

Public Health Ontario is pleased to offer the popular Skills for Health Promotion workshop for newcomers to health promotion.  The workshop will be offered in partnership with  Peterborough County Health Unit

Who should attend?
This is an introductory level series of workshops.  They are designed for anyone new to health promotion seeking definitions, tools, resources and organized approaches to practice. Front line staff that need to plan, implement and/or evaluate programs and services, as well as managers or team leaders who train or advise staff about evidence-informed processes will find these workshops helpful.
Facilitators: Areeta Bridgemohan, Nimira Lalani, Sophie Rosa
Day One

Morning: Planning Health Promotion Programs  

  • This initial workshop introduces participants to a six-step framework for planning in the context of health promotion that includes: working with many stakeholders; addressing health in a broad context; and building upon community capacities. Participants will gain a greater understanding of health promotion planning through a combination of workshop lectures, practical small group exercises and a variety of learning materials.

Afternoon: Evaluating Health Promotion Programs

  • This workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills to begin planning an appropriate evaluation for a health promotion initiative. Through presentation, hands-on activities and relevant examples, participants will build understanding of key evaluation concepts and build skills in setting objectives and choosing evaluation methods.  

Day Two
Morning: Developing Health Promotion Policies

  • This skill-building workshop is intended for public and community health practitioners with an interest in developing health promotion policy.  Through a combination of lectures, small group exercises and a case study, the workshop will address the stages of development of community-wide policies ( identifying needs, building support among interested parties and organizations, and reducing barriers for adoption and implementation) with application to specific settings, such as workplaces and schools.

Afternoon: Overview of Health Communication Campaigns

  • This final and practical workshop provides an overview of the 12 steps necessary to develop communication strategies. This includes applying health communication at the individual, network, organizational and societal levels and developing the skills to integrate media, interpersonal, and events-based approaches.

Participants can register for one or both days. Please note refreshments will be provided, however participants are expected to provide their own lunch.

For more information and to register, please visit