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ICS Data Analyst, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

Barrie, Ontario
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Requisition #: 2189
Union: Non Union
Department: Integrated Cancer Screening
Location: Oncology Administration
Job Type: Regular Full Time
Date Available: 2012-05-22
Shift: Days
Days Off: Saturday/Sunday
Rates of Pay: Commensurate with qualifications and experience within salary band identified for this role
Category: Cancer Care / Oncology

Job Summary:    

The Integrated Cancer Screening (ICS) Data Analyst works along with the ICS Team and various stakeholders to lead activities related to ICS performance management and reporting.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading regional data collection; consolidation; analysis; dissemination; and reporting of volumes, wait times and other relevant performance data related to prevention activities, along with the breast, cervical and colorectal screening programs 

  • Monitoring of provider and screening site performance and compliance  

  • Providing user support to breast screening and assessment sites for the Integrated Client Management System (ICMS)
-Managing data quality audit processes in ICMS 

  • Providing oversight to data quality processes
-Supporting regional performance and quality improvement initiatives

Performance Management

  • Develop and maintain systems to measure performance against established standards and targets
  • Monitors, manages, analyzes, interprets and reconciles ICS performance information, including screening performance at the local and regional levels, for quality and performance monitoring; evaluation; and program development
  • Assist ICS Team in communicating performance expectations with regional partners and healthcare providers 

  • Works with internal and external stakeholders and CCO to align performance objectives 
  • Uses regional data for analysis and planning of ICS program
  • Supports annual allocation and reconciliation of funded activity
  • Works along with the ICS Team to develop and implement plans to increase screening rates

Quality Assurance & Improvement

  • Develops and maintains data quality monitoring systems
  • Performs data quality analysis for the ICS program
  • Assists the ICS Team with quality improvement initiatives

  • Monitor and apply standards/guidelines supported by Cancer Care Ontario and lead the integration of such parameters into internal quality management systems 
  • Liase with quality management and standards bodies (i.e. Cancer Care Ontario, Cancer System Quality Index)

  • Assist ICS Team with communication strategies for the improvement and awareness of quality issues across the region 
  • Utilizes patient satisfaction surveys to develop strategies for improvement 
-Monitors physics reporting and follows up with sites with identified deficiencies 
-Leads the maintenance of regional OBSP data in the Integrated Client Management System (ICMS) 
-Undertake the writing, submission and execution of grants and/or reports for innovation, demonstration or pilot projects as appropriate to ICS


  • Prepares the necessary statistical and performance reporting for internal use, Cancer Care Ontario, regional stakeholders, individual health care providers and others
  • Develops regional reporting solutions to support the regional ICS program business needs
  • Assists ICS Team, SMRCP and Clinical Leads with preparation of information for presentations and meetings  
-Augments provincial screening data with regional specific data to support increased participation in prevention and screening
  • Screening Program Administration 
-Ensures data quality checks are implemented (i.e. chart audits for OBSP)
  • Ensures data related to abnormal follow-up of screens for OBSP clients is tracked and entered into the OBSP ICMS  

  • Provides ICMS user support to local breast screening and assessment sites
  • Exhibits the core values of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre: Excellence, Compassion, Collaboration, Accountability, Innovation    



  • 4-year undergraduate degree in an applied health science, health management and/or statistics-related discipline


In-depth experience with statistical analysis, program evaluation, and project management  
  • Experience with quality assurance and responsive quality improvement initiatives in the healthcare setting
  • Experience working with diverse groups with a range of maturity, education and skill sets
-Professional experience in a healthcare setting


  • Understanding that strategic directions of the provincial and regional systems drive operational changes at the district and local levels is necessary for the ongoing development and implementation of the Integrated Cancer Screening (ICS) program

  • In-depth understanding of the complexities of the Ontario Cancer System, the Ontario Cancer Plan and the Cancer 2020 vision
  • Working knowledge of LHIN 12 and the relevant stakeholders involved in cancer prevention and screening

  • Comprehension of the structure of the Regional Cancer Program and the importance of prevention and screening as an aspect of the cancer journey
  • The ability to assess region-wide needs, formulate plans to address the needs, and the subsequent implementation and evaluation of strategic initiatives to increase cancer screening rates and promote quality assurance/improvements
  • Demonstrated skills in critical thinking, problem solving, analytical thinking and evidence-based practice
  • Excellent communication skills (i.e. written, consultative, verbal and presentation)

  • Ability to work in diverse environments; both collaborating and motivating multiple groups and stakeholders with varying levels of education, maturity and skill set, while also working effectively on independent projects
  • Superior time management skills

  • Computer skills (Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Visio, Publisher     

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