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Evaluation at a Glance Webinar, Public Health Ontario

June 21, 2012

10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

This Public Health Ontario (PHO) webinar provides an overview of the 10 steps in developing and implementing an evaluation. This includes planning an evaluation, developing good evaluation questions and indicators, understanding and choosing the best methods for your evaluation, and how to make best use of evaluation results.  As we examine the 10 steps, we address the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each step and bring the most challenging steps to life with examples. To close, we identify quality sources for more information, tools and describe our customized consultation services.

This is a lecture-style webinar. There will be limited time available for questions.

Who should attend?

The goal of the workshop is to assist health promotion practitioners to understand, plan, and implement program evaluations. As such, we recommend these sessions for:

  • anyone new to health promotion or evaluation, seeking definitions, tools, resources and organized approaches to practice.
  • front line staff who need to evaluate health promotion programs and services, or need to understand the process of evaluation.
  • managers or team leaders who train or advise staff or volunteers about evaluation.

A new opportunity for attendees at the Evaluation at a Glance webinar: personalized consultation!

Areeta Bridgemohan, the presenter for the Evaluation at a Glance webinar on June 21, will also be available for informal, one-on-one, free consultations in follow-up to the webinar.

These consultations can be on any area of evaluation.  For example:

  • I need a bit more help understanding the difference between process and outcome evaluation
  • I have an evaluation plan I’d like some feedback on
  • My team can’t decide on the best method for our evaluation
  • How do I get people at my agency interested in evaluation?
  • ...or anything else related to evaluation

If you would like to sign up for a time to consult with Areeta, you can do so by going to and registering for one of the consultation sessions.  Once you have signed up, you will be contacted via email to provide a sentence or two about your topic for consultation.

Once a consultation session is booked, that time is held for you.  If you find you can’t attend, please contact Hasina Jamal at or call 647-260-7471 to cancel or to rebook.

Of course, you are also able to request a free consultation at any time with our field support specialists by completing the brief form: