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RFP--Diversity Learning Program for Staff, Heart and Stroke Foundation

Toronto, Ontario
Deadline July 27, 2012

Issue Date: July 13th, 2012
Proposals/Quotes Due: July 27th, 2012


The overall diversity mandate for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (HSFO) is to spearhead the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of a provincial plan aimed at providing research, advocacy and health promotion to empower diverse communities to self-manage heart disease and stroke.

Part of our Diversity mandate includes becoming more culturally competent organization as a whole – to encourage inclusiveness and diversity in and from all communities. We believe that diversity has to start with each and every one of us – if we practice what we preach as an organization and our employees are embracing an inclusive and respectful work environment, we can be successful as a team externally, engaging new audiences around our mission and educating them on heart healthy lifestyle. To that end, we have added our Diversity Statement to the mission and values poster.

Diversity Statement: The Heart and Stroke Foundation is committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment that embraces difference. We are an inclusive organization that values, respects and empowers its employees, volunteers and the people that it serves, and responds to the needs of Ontario’s diverse communities through all its mission activities.

Diversity tagline: Embracing diversity is a priority for us and is critical to our success.

With the understanding that diversity effectively is about creating a culture where individual unique qualities are viewed and utilized as assets, we are prepared to implement training that will equip our employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

  • Be able to articulate the business case for increased HSF diversity and inclusion specifically as it relates to research, advocacy, health promotion, volunteer engagement, supporter centricity, and our culture of philanthropy.
  • Develop a common language to name and address diversity, cultural competency, inclusion, social justice, and health equity
  • Be more self-aware of their own culture, values, and beliefs and how these may this affect their position and responsibilities at the Foundation
  • Be introduced to tools for developing more effective communication and relationship building skills

HSF Mission:

The Heart and Stroke Foundation, a volunteer-based health charity, leads in eliminating heart disease and stroke and reducing their impact through the advancement of research and its application, the promotion of healthy living, and advocacy.

HSF Values:

  • Innovation: A passion for and the courage to explore, stimulate and engage in new ideas, behaviours and approaches.
  • Excellence: Committed to quality in all we do.
  • Integrity: Acting ethically to ensure transparency, accountability and public trust.
  • Respect: Valuing, appreciating and recognizing our donors, volunteers, staff and partners who help us achieve our mission.
  • Collaboration: Committed to working together in common cause across the federation and with our partners.
  • Health & Well-being: A commitment to action in support of one's own and others' quality of life and health.

Project Scope and Timeline

  • Project scope: The project scope will include the design, classroom delivery and/or train-the-trainer approach, and evaluation of a 3-4 hour diversity learning module for 345 HSF Ontario staff, covering all relevant aspects of diversity and inclusion, including compliance issues related to Bill 168 and AODA.
  • Sessions should be designed to accommodate approximately 16 participants.
  • Format should include, lecture and interactive participant material
  • Sessions should conclude with an assessment of validation of student’s learning
  • Audio-visual equipment and classroom space will be provided
  • Timeline: The design of the program including sign off by the project sponsor will be completed by August 30th, 2012. The program will be delivered to staff from October 2012 to February 2013. Final program evaluation will be submitted by February 28th, 2013.

Specific Deliverables

The full learning initiative would include:

  1. A comprehensive training design and implementation plan
  2. Implementation of the training plan
  3. Facilitation of training and/or supporting a train-the-trainer approach
  4. An integration and sustainability plan
  5. An evaluation plan and recommendations for appropriate next steps

The Diversity learning module should address the following learning objectives:

  • Provoke discussion around the issue that diversity is the similarities, as well as the differences, among and between individuals at all levels of the organization, and in society at large
  • How diversity contributes to a richness in the organization by having a variety of views, approaches, and actions to use in strategic planning, tactical planning, problem solving, and decision-making
  • Understand our policies and processes regarding accessibility standards for customer service, workplace violence and harassment

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Be able to articulate the business case for increased HSF diversity and inclusion specifically as it Have developed a common language to name and address diversity, cultural competency, inclusion, social justice, and health equity
  • Be more self-aware of their own culture, values, and beliefs and how these may this affect their position and responsibilities at the Foundation
  • Be introduced to tools for developing more effective communication and relationship building skills relates to mission, volunteer engagement, and our culture of philanthropy.

Vendor Qualifications or Expertise

HSF is seeking a highly qualified third party to develop and support delivery of this learning initiative. Experience in learning and development program design, delivery of training programs, supporting an internal train-the-trainer model, evaluation and strong subject matter expertise in the area of diversity and inclusion is required. Familiarity with the NFP sector is desirable.

Additional Selection Criteria

  • Experience with facilitating diversity & inclusion training (minimum 3 years)
  • Ability to effectively facilitate a train-the-trainer approach with internal staff
  • A clear understanding of diversity, equity, cultural competence, and anti-oppression principles and practice
  • Experience in facilitating Bill 168 and AODA compliance training
  • Effectiveness in adult education, popular education, group dynamics, conflict resolution
  • Flexibility and evidence of innovation in design and delivery approach

Assumptions, Agreements and Considerations

All HSF policies, practices and information disclosed during the course of the proposal, presentation and subsequent project are both proprietary and confidential. Any reproduction of HSF material will require written consent.

All unsuccessful proposals will be destroyed. All deliverables become the sole property of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Project Sponsors

Cindy Dunn, Vice President, Human Resources
Mary Lewis, Vice President, Research, Advocacy and Health Promotion

Project Managers

Donna Forde, Sr. Manager, Organizational Development
Ratsamy Pathammavong, Sr. Manager, Diversity and Inclusion

Access to internal resources:

HSF will make every reasonable effort to provide ready access to the necessary paper and electronic materials as well as staff and volunteers necessary to complete this project.

Proposal Content

The proposal shall contain only the information that directly responds to the RFP questions below. Marketing materials and / or “boilerplate” information should not be included as it may not be reviewed or considered. Please repeat each question prior to your response and be sure all questions are answered completely and accurately. Please use the format provided to facilitate a streamlined review of responses.

A. Company Overview

  1. Provide contact information, for the person submitting this proposal. This person should have the ability to negotiate and contract with HSF. The company overview should include:
    • Company
    • Name
    • Title
    • Address
    • Telephone Number
    • Fax Number
    • Email
  2. How many employees does your firm currently employee?
  3. Describe any merger/acquisition plans or other major organizational changes under consideration by your company.
  4. Provide three (if possible) current client references similar in size and complexity to HSF. These clients will not be contacted without your prior approval.

B. Project Related Questions

  1. Describe and completely illustrate why your organization would provide the best diversity and inclusion learning experience for participants.
  2. Describe other similar diversity and sensitivity projects you have completed with similar entities.
  3. Describe your company’s use of engaging, highly interactive learning activities and your process of evaluating the effectiveness of various activities.
  4. Describe the subject matter experts, resources, and materials you would use to develop this learning module.
  5. Describe your approach to diversity and inclusion, Bill 168 and AODA training as well as efforts of sustainability and reinforcement: philosophy regarding the training methodologies, tools/resources/materials, etc.
  6. Describe how you would propose organizing and facilitating a train-the-trainer delivery approach.
  7. Describe in detail how you would approach this project.
  8. Describe any alternative instruction methods, i.e., on-line, video, etc., that you would provide.
  9. Describe your availability for starting this project, what resources you would assign and how those resources will interact with HSF and its employees.
  10. Please include bios of all design and training staff who would be assigned to this project and a detailed development plan with key milestones and accountabilities. Development plan should assume a February 28th, 2013 project conclusion.
  11. Describe any additional capabilities that your training team can provide. (i.e.: language capabilities, etc.)

C. Capabilities

  1. Please summarize why your company is the best choice for HSF’s employees. Although general items may be discussed, be sure to comment on specific needs of this particular curriculum.
  2. How can your organization fulfill HSF’s needs better than other training suppliers?
  3. What are your unique competencies?

D. Extraordinary and unique provider capabilities

  1. Niche service?
  2. Specialty services?

E. Pricing

  1. Vendors will be required to submit with the proposal a detailed pricing document, clearly delineating on what basis the pricing is to be derived from. This document must include all of the itemized costs:
    • Developmental design
    • Delivery (including in class costs facilitation and train-the-trainer facilitation expressed as cost per day)
    • All materials (including web content, if applicable)
    • All incidental costs

F. Please list all awards, recognitions or acknowledgments of outstanding work you have received in the areas of diversity and inclusion training.

Additional Materials:

Any other materials that a respondent deems to be important or appropriate should be submitted as a separate exhibit appearing after the respondent’s response. Each exhibit should be appropriately referred to in the body of the proposal. Each exhibit should be separated by a tab or other clearly identifying marker.
NOTE: Any costs not included in this document will be considered outside the scope of the agreement.

Proposal Submission

Proposals should be submitted via email to [email protected] by Friday July 27th, 2012 at 12PM EST.


Submitters and perspective submitters are under an obligation to ask questions and/or clarify any issues which is NOT fully understood or that is believed to be interpreted in more than one way. To ensure consistent interpretation of the RFP, questions and answers will be made available to all vendors who indicate intent to respond to the RFP. HSF will issue an e-mail reply to such questions to all vendors. HSF also reserves the right, at its discretion, to have group or individual discussions and/or conduct meetings with responding vendors at any time during the RFP process.

All questions, clarifications or other communications concerning this request must be received in writing no later than 12:00 p.m. EST on Monday, July 16th, 2012 and directed to:

Donna Forde
Senior Manager, Organizational Development
Heart and Stroke Foundation
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1300
P.O. Box 2414
Toronto, ON M4P 1E4
Email: [email protected]

Next Steps

Successfully shortlisted bidders will be invited to present to a panel by August 3rd, 2012.