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New resources to reduce social inequities in health - 10 Promising Practices fact sheets

As part of a 2009 Canadian Health Services Research Foundation Fellowship (Executive Training in Research Application – EXTRA), the Sudbury & District Health Unit conducted a review and analysis of the literature for practices to reduce social inequities in health. We are pleased to announce the development of a series of related fact sheets:

They illustrate each of the 10 practices, relevant at the local public health level, found to be “promising” in their potential to “level-up” and reduce health inequities:

1.           Targeting with universalism

2.           Purposeful reporting

3.           Social Marketing

4.           Health equity target setting

5.           Equity-focused health impact assessment

6.           Competencies/organizational standards

7.           Contribution to the evidence base

8.           Early childhood development

9.           Community engagement

10.         Intersectoral action

The fact sheets are designed to help public health practitioners and community partners apply each of the 10 Promising Practices to reduce social inequities in health.  They have a common format that identifies essential components, key issues, and tools and resources for each Promising Practice. Each fact sheet includes a case example drawn from the work of local public health. You may access the fact sheets on the Sudbury & District Health Unit web site at

The complete series of fact sheets will be available in French shortly. Look for them on our website at