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New Resource: Tools for supporting local action toreduce alcohol-related harms - Policy options

Public Health Ontario (  and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (  (CAMH) Resource Centre have partnered on the development of a resource aimed at increasing awareness of and access to evidence-informed tools and resources regarding local/regional alcohol policy in Ontario. This resource also aligns with recommendations stemming from the Alcohol No Ordinary Commodity forum, specifically that: "Work can be done locally to build momentum towards an alcohol strategy: Initiatives include developing regional alcohol management strategies, creating and/or updating municipal alcohol policies, pressing for strong regulatory controls on alcohol, actively supporting alcohol-related health resolutions, and implementing proven interventions ..."

Tools for supporting local action to reduce alcohol-related harms: Policy options and a resource inventory to support alcohol policy in Ontario consists of two tools which are intended to assist Healthy Communities Partnerships and public health stakeholders in the prevention of alcohol-related harms in their communities through increasing awareness of and the development of healthy public alcohol policies.

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