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The Healthy Aboriginal Network - Knowledge Transfer Comic Books

The Healthy Aboriginal Network
Non-profit promotion of health, literacy & wellness

It's back to work and school for many of us this fall. Here is an update on HAN's health and social comic books:

Books in production
Our dog bite story has been focus group tested on-line nationally and with youth living on reserve in Alberta. The story revisions have been made and we are just finalizing the new illustrations. Expect the book to be released early January 2013.

Our financial literacy comic book is at the story creation phase.

Comic books in stock
We have quite a few books in stock, although the FASD comic is running a little low. Check out the free previews and pricing at on the following issues:

  • Maternal child health
  • Sexual health
  • Integrating gang youth back into community
  • Youth in care
  • Living with FASD
  • Smoking prevention
  • Sports / gang awareness
  • Mental health

A few of our large provincial and national clients purchase custom rear comic book covers each year to emphasize new services and websites to their target audience. Our best price starts at 10,000 comics but we will consider smaller orders of 5,000+ books. Any of our books, including the sold out ones, may be considered for this service.

Project ideas

  • We have created a few eight page (as opposed to our usual 40 page books) comic booklets. The shorter versions don't give us as much time to create a connection with the reader, but they're still appealing, are faster to create and cost less than their longer cousins. Please email if you have a budget to create provincial knowledge translation tools.
  • We've been talking about animating our content for some time now. The twist would be creating our own channel and streaming (our own and others) health and social content into offices and communities by subscription. If we create it, will it be supported?
  • We've talked about electronic versions of our books even longer, but have been resistant because of youth's ability to afford mobile devices, the size of screens, et cetera. That seems to be changing, so we will trial one of our sold out books in early 2013.

We hope you continue to find us relevant to youth's needs,

Sean Muir
Executive Director

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Phone 250-941-8881
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