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Mental Health and Gardening Knowledge Swap

Toronto, Ontario
December 5, 2012

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Central Toronto Community Health Centres, 168 Bathurst Street

For staff and community leaders already using gardening to promote mental health

Garden spaces can offer a wonderful opportunity to explore wellness and health with diverse communities. Those who experience mental illness can benefit from the therapeutic aspects of a garden setting, programming or training. However, the research, funding and support for mental health programming in garden spaces is inadequate despite the many garden programs across the City that incorporate mental health promotion.

This knowledge swap is a unique opportunity to bring together practitioners working in garden spaces that promote mental health. The day will provide a chance to share experiences and build support for this important work. Through facilitated discussion on the available evidence for the benefits of gardening for mental health, best practices for programming and how to tackle evaluation, we seek to spark a broader discussion on strengthening garden spaces for therapeutic purposes.

Admission fee is a sliding scale of $10-$20. No one will be turned away.

Lunch will be provided.

To register (required) please follow the link: