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Knowledge Translation Workshop: Preventing Childhood Obesity, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

Toronto, Ontario
January 31, 2012

Join us to explore strategies and develop a work plan based on what we know works (or doesn’t work) in childhood obesity prevention.

Time:  One-day workshop (start time to be confirmed), (refreshments and lunch provided)
Location: hotel to be confirmed (near Pearson airport), Toronto

Registration is limited to 75.

Prevention of childhood obesity is a public health priority in Canada. This one-day workshop will bring together public health professionals and policy makers from across Canada, as well as national and international researchers in obesity prevention to discuss and debate what we know works (or doesn’t) in childhood obesity prevention. The workshop will include large group didactic presentations, discussion and small group work. Participants will leave this workshop with the beginnings of a comprehensive workplan for addressing childhood obesity.

Join the discussion and leave with an action plan!

Participants in this workshop will:

  • discuss the application of evidence-informed decision making to childhood obesity prevention;
  • hear about the results of several recently published Cochrane Reviews on childhood obesity prevention and physical activity promotion;
  • discuss the implications of these results to public health practice in Canada;
  • consider the applicability and feasibility of the findings in various settings and jurisdictions across Canada;
  • explore how the social determinants of health impact childhood obesity;
  • consider how public health programs can reduce childhood obesity by addressing the social determinants of health;
  • begin developing a workplan for addressing childhood obesity.

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Philip Baker will lead discussions on what works in obesity prevention, and help participants to develop feasible and applicable workplans for public health practice.

Assistance with travel and accommodation costs will be provided.

Registration is limited to 75 individuals; fair representation from across Canada is a goal.

This workshop is made possible through a unique partnership between the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools, Health Evidence, and the Cochrane Collaboration Public Health Review Group.

For more information contact the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools: 905.525.9140 (x20450),, or