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RFP: Mapping Violence Against Women Policy and Opportunities Project Consultancy, Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters & Transition Houses

Ottawa, Ontario
Deadline December 11, 2012

The Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters & Transition Houses is undertaking a violence prevention project with funding support from the Canadian Women’s Foundation entitled Mapping VAW Policy and Opportunities (MVP). The MVP project represents one part of a set of activities toward a longer-term goal to facilitate and inform the development of progressive and comprehensive national legislation addressing violence against women (VAW) in Canada.

The project involves developing a comprehensive map of existing national, provincial and territorial policies, action plans, strategies, and legislation that would be impacted by, or may be used, as a basis of developing national legislation on violence against women (VAW).  Specifically, input and materials will be sought from every province and territory to identify and analyze any policies, frameworks, strategies, action plans or legislation that would fit into the development of national VAW legislation or would need to be enhanced or amended in moving national VAW legislation forward.

We are seeking a research analyst/writer (or team) who will undertake research and writing work in consultation with the Project Manager, Network staff/contractors committees to successfully complete the project.

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