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Sandbox Project 3rd National Conference

Toronto, Ontario
January 17, 2013

The Sandbox Project is hosting our 3rd national conference which will bring together community organizers, innovators, researchers, and advocates, for a two-day planning session, to identify strategies to improve the health of children and youth in Canada. Participants will identify and prioritise the community-based programming, public education campaigns, research initiatives and policies that are needed to improve the health of children, youth and families. The results of this conference will form the basis of national advocacy initiatives, fundraising initiatives, cross-sectoral collaborations, and the development of new community programming.

The conference will feature presentations from and incubate new initiatives with some of Canada’s leading advocates and experts in child and youth health, and will highlight results of provocative and innovative child health initiatives. The Sandbox Project will be highlighting what has been accomplished by the sector since the last conference, and will be identifying the challenges and opportunities ahead. Participants will be charged with the task of identifying the next set of strategies to improve children’s health in Canada that leverage resources and foster collaboration. Presentations, discussion panels, networking opportunities and breakout groups will inspire a collective energy to problem solve and to generate solutions that cross sectors, disciplines and fields of expertise.

Participants will leave the conference with a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead, priorities and next steps for all sectors, and the foundation on which to create new partnerships and collaborations.  This conference is just one example of how The Sandbox Project is breaking ground by engaging corporations as active partners with a role in designing, and implementing solutions.

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