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New Resource--“Evaluating Outcomes of Community Food Actions: A Guide”, PHAC

We are pleased to share this new resource entitled Evaluating Outcomes of Community Food Actions: A Guide”, available online at

We encourage you to share this resource widely among your colleagues and networks.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide people involved in Community Food Actions (CFAs) with practical tools, resources, and strategies to evaluate outcomes. More specifically,  this Guide is focused on CFAs that are aiming to reduce barriers to food access (either through policy and systems change work and/or through addressing the needs of individuals). As such, it will have relevance to those who want to evaluate the extent to which their CFA is increasing the affordability, availability, access to, and consumption of nutritious food in their communities.

Creation of this Guide was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada as part of the Food Security Knowledge Initiative. The Guide was produced through a collaboration led by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Interventions and Best Practices Division. The Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC) is working with PHAC to help mobilize the guide and gather input on its use and usefulness.