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Neighbours--Programs & Policies with John McKnight & Jim Diers, Tamarack

Kitchener, Ontario
June 10-12, 2013

We will celebrate the life's work of John McKnight as we gather to explore how programs and policies can make neighbours effective agents of change in their communities. Together, we want to deeply understand how to advance the importance of neighbourhoods, explore what programs have advanced neighbourliness, and discuss what policies cause communities to take the role of neighbours seriously. How might we work collaboratively between citizens, government and community groups? How might collective community innovation unfold?

Joining John McKnight is Jim Diers and Al Etmanski†two of the most important thinkers and advocates for neighbours and belonging in North America. Jim and Al are also both faculty of John's ABCD. This unprecedented national gathering is exploring programs that advance neighbourhood resilience and capacity. This event will also discuss (and possibly co-create) cutting edge policy ideas within cities that promote belonging and neighbourliness. Most importantly it will celebrate the work of John McKnight as he receives an honourary doctorate from the University of Waterloo that week.

If you have ever been inspired by John and are interested in neighbourhoods, you cannot miss this event. City staff, policy makers at all levels of government, neighbourhood association staff and board members, and community development leaders are all invited to gather with us.

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Cost: Tamarack is hosting this gathering at cost and with exceptional rates for groups of three or more from the same community who register together. For those who are volunteers (coming with a team from your community) and cost is an issue we have very special rates available.

If you have any other questions contact Rachel Brnjas: