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Third Annual Chatham-Kent Addictions Awareness Conference, Working with Trauma: Helping and Healing, Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres

Chatham, Ontario
November 13, 2013

Club Lentinas

After this conference participants will:

  • Identify and understand the pervasive effects of  trauma and intergenerational trauma
  • Understand that the hallmark of trauma and intergenerational trauma is disrupted spiritualty, meaning or hope, leading to self-destruction and suffering
  • Explore experientially various coping strategies that move suffering to healing
  • Move beyond trauma and intergenerational trauma and embrace transformation
  • Explore strategies to utilize these skills with clients or family members
  • Understand the neurological basis of addiction and links between this and the response to trauma
  • Discover the specific impacts of opioid dependence and methods for delivery and evaluation of opioid dependence treatment

We have Sunset Drum opening the conference and have dynamic speakers Teresa Naseba Marsh and Dr. David Marsh.

Early Bird Registration goes until September 1st and is $80, after this time registration is $90.

For more details on registration please see our website:

Presented by the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres in partnership with Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Mental Health and Addictions Program, Canadian Mental Health Association and Westover Treatment Centre