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Health Promotion Online Workshop Series with the "Circle of Health"

October 24-November 28, 2013

Looking for a continuing education opportunity where travel is not a barrier? Join our online health promotion workshops to see how the Circle of Health can help to meet your needs and expand your knowledge!

Workshop topics include: facilitation, teaching, planning & partnership development with the Circle of Health, a health promotion framework and tool that provides a complete picture of the components of health at a glance. Online workshops will be held weekly from October 24th November 28th, 2013 (excluding October 31st). Participants can register for individual workshops or receive a reduced rate for the whole series. Group rates are also available.

The Circle of Health is a planning tool that is inclusive, interdisciplinary, and interactive. It can be used to bring people together to promote individual and community health. The Circle of Health integrates concepts of health and wellness from the Ottawa Charter and the First Nations Medicine Wheel with the components of health promotion planning: Needs, Strategies, Populations, Determinants and Values. It is adaptable across sectors and inclusive of diverse, marginalized communities. The Circle of Health is used as a teaching tool in Canadian universities and at the Atlantic Summer Institute; as a framework to develop community-based active living programs and health promotion initiatives; and much more.

Find out more about the workshops and register here:

To learn more about the Circle of Health, visit and watch the introductory video: