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Co-designing a Social Marketing Solution to Behavior Change, Public Health Ontario

November 29, 2013

10:30-11:30 a.m.

Individual health ecosystems are unique and change through the life course. Wellness has many complex components. Factors such as fitness, good nutrition, adherence to medication, sleep, resilience, mental wellness may improve health. Factors such as smoking, stress, excess sugar, mental illness may degrade health. Many other factors may also affect our health (social determinants of health). Once we understand the points of influencewe can leverage these to improve health outcomes. But how do we characterize these accurately in order to maximize outcomes and reduce  costs? In this presentation Stuart Jackson will examine how to identify and address biases, environments and other influential factors to allow each individual to realize their own journey towards health. A successful medicine adherence campaign will be explained to illustrate these concepts.  

Presenter: Stuart Jackson, Chief Executive., ICE United Kingdom

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This webinar is part of the Social Marketing Webinar Series: Harnessing global expertise to inspire Ontario Public Health practitioners.

Space is limited, register today: since we expect an overwhelming response to this unique opportunity, we encourage organizations to register just once and arrange to have staff members attend the event together.

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