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The Royal Launches HealthyMinds, an App for Students

HealthyMinds is designed to help students in college or university keep their mind healthy while navigating the stresses that come with balancing school deadlines and assignments, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, peer relationships, family responsibilities and social demands. After all, students face some of the most intense pressures at this point in their life.

Launched on January 30 by The Royal, thanks to a donation from the DIFD initiative, HealthyMinds is all about providing a platform for prevention and early intervention; to stay healthy both on and off campus. The tool includes a:

  • daily mood tracker
  • journaling feature with photo entry capability to help you stay mindful of your emotions
  • problem-solving guide linked to iCalendar to help you identify and develop a plan to address the challenges you face in your life
  • stress-buster strategies
  • video breathing exercise to help calm the mind

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