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Webinar: Mental Health in Cities: The Role of Cultural Continuity for Aboriginal Peoples

February 18, 2014

11:30am-12:30pm EST (Toronto Time)

The Social Aetiology of Mental Illness [SAMI] training program is pleased to bring you the following free webinars. Please join us!

Dr. Cheryl Currie, Assistant Professor at the University of Lethbridge will present "Mental Health in Cities: The Role of Cultural Continuity for Aboriginal Peoples". While it is important to develop a better understanding of risk factors that contribute to mental health and addictions, an over emphasis on risk has perpetuated the social stigmatization of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Positive perspectives that direct energy, time and resources to factors of relevance for Aboriginal peoples are also needed. Traditional Aboriginal culture may be a particularly important factor given it may be more easily modified than other determinants, it is a factor that can empower and foster pride among Aboriginal peoples, and it is a determinant many may be intrinsically motivated to strengthen. The role traditional Aboriginal cultures may play in reducing or even preventing substance use problems in cities is becoming increasingly relevant both in Canada and internationally, and will be the focus of the present talk.

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