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Apathy and Overdose: A Public Forum on Accidental Drug Overdose

Toronto, Ontario
June 18, 2014

7:00 pm,
College Street United Church
Approximately 200 people died of accidental drug overdose in Toronto in 2012, the most recent year when data is reasonably complete. That's even more than died in motor vehicle accidents.  We don't know who these people were, not that it should matter. Coroners' statistics don't discriminate by class.  Save for celebrity deaths, however, accidental drug overdose deaths get little notice or concern. Hence, this community forum.

The Forum will be an opportunity for you to learn about accidental drug overdoses and ways to prevent them. Leading speakers from Canada and the USA will discuss with you about what can be done, and there will be a panel of people who have been bystanders at overdoses – a mother, a former paramedic, a youth worker and a person with the lived experience of drug use - who will talk about the impact on them of witnessing overdoses. A networking session after the Forum concludes will allow people to talk with one another about drug overdose, their experiences, and what can be done.

Please share information about the Forum with your colleagues, family members and friends, and join us on June 18.