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New Issue--Ontario Elections 2014, Research Flash, CIRCH

On June 12th, Ontario will go to the polls to vote in the next provincial government. We’re pleased to share with you a special provincial elections issue of our Research Flash, featuring research that points the way to a healthier province (see a preview of the contents below). Please share this with your candidates and communities, and please share widely.

Health, housing and income

  1. Good health depends on good housing
  2. It’s time to invest in the health of Aboriginal children
  3. All Ontario residents need access to dental care
  4. Mothers and babies need a livable income to thrive

Taxation, policy innovation and public opinion

  1. Taking the burden off health care with ‘Health in All Policies’
  2. The fairest way to pay for health care
  3. Gender equality policies and women’s health
  4. Ontario residents understand that health is related to wealth

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