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National Initiative for World Hepatitis Day 2014, Canadian Society for International Health

In celebration of World Hepatitis Day on July 28, 2014, the Canadian Society for International Health, in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada, will provide leadership to mark World Hepatitis Day across Canada.   We offer toolkits, evaluation materials, and the resources necessary to host a successful World Hepatitis Day event in any community.  Past World Hepatitis Day events have ranged from BBQs to carnivals, small information booths to flash mobs.

The World Hepatitis Day 2014 event messages include

  • Prevention: "Get Protected" – know the risk factors
  • Diagnosis: "Get Tested" – testing is quick and simple
  • Protection: "Get Vaccinated" – there is a vaccine for hepatitis B
  • Treatment: "Get Treated" – treatment for hepatitis B and C can be effective

We are seeking organizations of any size interested in hosting a World Hepatitis Day event to join this national initiative. 

Please refer to our website for information

For further inquiries contact:

Heather Sanderson MPH(c) BSc
Canadian Society for International Health
Le société Canadienne de santé internationale
1105 – 1 rue Nicholas
Ottawa, ON  K1N 7B7
613.241.5785 X328