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9th International Conference on Penal Abolition (ICOPA)

Why: * Because the current revenge-based system is not working

* Because there are effective alternatives * Because marginalized people are imprisoned at a much greater rate than mainstream groups.

Where: Metropolitan United Church and Ryerson Polytechnic University

Who: Angela Davis, David Cayley, Ursula Franklin, Ruth Morris, Louk Hulsman, Thomas Mathiesen, Rev. Bill Phipps, Fr. Jim Consedine, and other inspiring voices

Cost for 4-day Conference: Agency representatives: $220; Individuals: $150; Unwaged (40 (other options are available).

To register, or volunteer (many positions needed) or to offer billeting, please go to the web site:

For more information, call Giselle Dias: Rittenhouse: A New Vision for Transformative Justice, (416) 972-9992