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Neighbours: Policies & Programs Gathering, Tamarack

Hamilton, Ontario
June 8-10, 2015

Dr. John M. Perkins Centre, 1429 Main Street East

This Gathering will welcome neighbourhood leaders and community-builders from a diversity of sectors and our learning will be guided by lead thinkers, authors, and activists on the topic of exploring the programs and policies that deepen community. Together, we will explore the emerging patterns, innovative programs and policy priorities that are needed to establish a supportive environment for citizen-led community change and can serve as a catalyst for system-wide innovation.

Each day begins with an engaging addres from one of our keynote speakers whose presentation will frame and invite exploration of an important dimension of effective neighbourhood-based work.  This will be immediately followed by the presentation of practical local examples of how these concepts are being put into action. Participants will then have the opportunity to join a Peer Learning Lab.  These Learning Labs offer an opportunity for small group dialogues which invite a deepened reflection on the ideas we have just heard.  Insights and emerging questions are then captured and shared.

A delicious lunch, featuring the talents of Mes Amis, a local caterer who sources local food, will be enjoyed together.

The early afternoon will feature an array of workshops designed to provide you with approaches and resources you can use to translate the ideas being explored into tangible actions that can be applied in your own neighbourhoods and communities. A series of guided neighbourhood walkabouts, will provide an up-close look at innovative ideas that are being championed across the City of Hamilton  in innovative ways that are brining the ideas we have been exploring to life within the city.
Our evenings will include a delightful array of opportunities to connet informally and celebrate the joy of being together through music, dancing, art and stories.

This three-day Gathering offers you a unique opportunity of learning, connection, rejuvenation and fun.  We hope you can join us!

This gathering is for you, if you are:

  • A community-builder seeking to enhance your knowledge of policies, programs and practices that can advance neighbourhoods and quality of life in your community
  • A neighbourhood leader wanting to find new ideas to inspire you and further your work
  • A staff member or volunteer in a neighbourhood association
  • A policy-maker in government, a city employee, or elected official involved in positive neighbourhood change
  • A member of a community organization who intuitively knows that strengthened engagement with residents is essential in creating effective programs;
  • A planner or researcher who recognizes that that innovation is needed in how we paln and design our neighbourhoods
  • A leader in a non-profit organization who is working to mobilize action for positive community change

For more information or to register, please visit