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We Are Cities: Decreasing the Impacts of Racism on Health, Wellesley Institute

Toronto, Ontario
May 27, 2015

3:00-5:30 p.m.
Wellesley Institute, 10 Alcorn Avenue

Wellesley Institute will be participating in the We Are Cities project. Our topic will be ideas to decrease the impact of racism on health. Building on Dr. Kwame Mckenzie’s Toronto Public Health talk last February (, we want to develop ideas for the GTA that can contribute to the broader conversation across Canada and come with actionable ideas.

Disparities in health between racialized and non-racialized groups are growing more evident in Canadian cities. Harmful health outcomes can be caused by racism-induced stress and, in many cases, racism leads to economic and social inequality, affecting health. Other cases of poor health are linked to inadequate or inappropriate medical and social care offered to racialized groups.

Our objectives are to:

  • Contribute to We Are Cities project (, which brings people together in cities across Canada to talk about solutions for improving cities
  • Discuss solutions for reducing racism’s impact on health in urban environments and connect those solutions to action
  • Meet and connect with people involved in city-building and develop new collaborative opportunities for reducing the impact of racism on health

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