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Positive Mental Health Surveillance Indicator Framework (Adults) on Infobase, CDPAC and PHAC

February 9, 2016

1:00–2:30 p.m. EST

The Agency has developed a Positive Mental Health Surveillance Indicator Framework in order to provide information on positive mental health outcomes and associated risk and protective factors. The Framework includes a core set of indicators and specific measures which are grouped into four key domains: individual, family, community and society levels. The Positive Mental Health Infobase provides users a series of tools to visualize, analyze, interpret and disseminate health indicator data for positive mental health. It provides pan-Canadian estimates for the population aged 18 years and older, and data breakdowns by demographic and socioeconomic variables for each of the measures within the Framework.

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Note: This webinar will be presented in English only. Presentation slides will be made available in both English and French.