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Call for Stories--Equity and Social Determinants of Health in Environmental Health/Health Protection Practice, BCCDC Project

Deadline February 19, 2016
Have you or a colleague taken steps to address social determinants with an individual, collaborated with others to respond to a complex situation, or tried to make your organization more responsive to vulnerable individuals or communities?
The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) is looking for stories from health protection or environmental health staff (e.g., public health inspectors and environmental health officers) who have taken action on health equity or the social determinants of health through their work.
We need your stories from across Canada to help us learn:

  • What does equity in environmental health practice look like?
  • What facilitates an equity-integrated environmental health practice? What skills and competencies are important?
  • What are the challenges to integrating equity into practice?
  • How can we support collaboration for equity in public health practice?

These stories can be short anecdotes or longer descriptions of ongoing work. Please take a few minutes to share your story with us by phone or email.
This is part of a BCCDC project called Through an Equity Lens: A New Look at Environmental Health, and builds on collaborative work between the National Collaborating Centres for Environmental Health (NCCEH) and Determinants of Health (NCCDH).
Please contact Karen Rideout, Environmental Health Policy Analyst, BCCDC & NCCEH at 604.829.2544 or for more information or to tell your story.