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Well Living House’s Open House and Panel Discussion: "Rooting for our lives through stories" Digging for answers about who “WE” are and where “We” go from here?

Toronto, Ontario
April 7, 2016

4:00 to 8:00 p.m.
209 Victoria Street, Allan Waters Family Auditorium

Panel Discussion

Panelist: Carol Terry, Madeleine Kétéshwew Dion Stout, and Jan Kahehti:io Longboat

A Grandparents Counsel has been guiding the Well Living House since its inception. In this panel presentation, they will identify and define some key issues, concerns and questions that confront Indigenous people in a rapidly changing world. By sharing the spoken words, lived experiences and collective wisdom of their own helpers, the Grandparents will plumb the depths of   living our lives fully, happily and healthily across the life span and in our diversity. Participants will then engage in a dialogue on topics like “Who are we in the new world? What is culture in these changing, evolving and challenging times? What are the prospects for an Indigenous Civilization in this context?”

Come hear about two exciting Toronto based health research projects.

Join us in honoring the survey staff of the Our Health Counts research projects

Light meal and refreshments will be provided.

Limited seats available--please RSVP online at

You can also contact Genevieve Blais to reserve your seat or for more information on the event: or 416-864-6060 x77455.

More information about Well Living House is available at