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Canadian Women's Heart Health Summit, University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Ottawa, Ontario
April 14-15, 2016

Westin Ottawa Hotel

Register today for the First Canadian Women's Heart Health Summit!
This 1.5 day event will bring together local, national and international experts and stakeholders to identify and propose strategies for the challenges involving heart disease and women across Canada. This event is intended to further chart a course for women's heart health through stimulating dialogue among experts in the field and devising synergistic strategies to reduce sex-disparities in cardiovascular disease prevention and management - to ultimately transform and save women's lives through research, awareness and evidence-based care.
This is an accredited opportunity for knowledge exchange for a variety of stakeholders including primary care providers, cardiologists, gynecologists, pharmacists, nurses, cardiac rehabilitation providers, allied healthcare providers, researchers, policy-makers and community partners. The summit will feature plenary sessions, panel discussions, poster displays, and networking opportunities with an estimated 200 delegates in attendance.

For more information or to register online please visit