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Landmark Call for Nominations (Active / Sustainable Transportation) Closes in Three Weeks

Deadline June 3, 2016

Only three weeks left in 2016 to nominate your program for Landmark designation in the active / sustainable transportation category.  All nominations must include measured impact results. Designation as a “Landmark” (best practice) case study through this peer selection process recognizes behavior change programs and approaches considered to be among the most successful, innovative, replicable and adaptable in the world. Designated programs gain exposure and credibility, and we prepare and post detailed on-line program case study materials, which may help them attract customers and investors, and maintain or increase program funding.

Nominations are screened by Tools of Change staff and then the most promising are rated by peer selection panels based on a standard scoring grid. Designated programs are highlighted in our webinars and written case studies, and in the accompanying webinar transcripts and video recordings. Program organizers get a Landmark designation logo for use on websites and in electronic newsletters, providing click-through access to the programs case study materials.

The nomination form, which can be downloaded from, must be submitted by June 3, 2016. Designations will be announced by October 2016, and case study webinars will be presented between January and June 2017.

To view Landmark case studies designated in past years, go to