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New Resources from the Healthy Aboriginal Network

Animated racism video

We created a video for the Indigenous Youth Wellness Project: Cuystwi at PHSA Indigenous Health. You can check it out on Youtube at Or, if you have social media blocked at work you can watch it at Roots of Racism is about a sister that takes her brother back through time to show him how racist polices developed in Canada. If you like it please consider sharing on
Community justice comic book

We created a resource last year for the Grand Council of the Crees, who wanted to roll out a new program, but needed help in getting the word out to their communities. The books can be downloaded for free at in both English and James Bay Cree. The story is about a Community Justice Committee, which is a group of volunteers who work closely with police and justice departments on minor and non-violent offences. The idea is that if the police and Crown know about the conflict, and agree to divert the offence to keep it out of the courts, the CJC can help with the resolution.
Website update

And we've got a website update, showing a greater array of our work over the past 12 years - all 18 books, animation projects we're created for clients, how we focus group test our draft stories, augmented reality resources and UNCRC posters. You can check it all out at
Suicide prevention comic book

We started to work on a suicide prevention resource to replace Darkness Calls last year, then got bogged down in work. We're getting back to it again, so if you would like to be involved on the team setting up the outline and content, please send an email to
We hope you continue to find us relevant to youth's needs.