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PH-Learn: Learning at your fingertips, PHAC

PH-Learn is the newest tool from the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Skills Enhancement for Public Health program.  Once populated it will be a comprehensive, searchable, online catalogue of Canadian learning opportunities relevant to public health practice in Canada.  PH-Learn does not deliver the course, or facilitate registration, but provides a vehicle to collect and catalogue available learning products and events searchable by key terms, competencies and the functions of public health.  

There are many excellent continuing education courses and events for Canadian public health practitioners, however, searching for suitable opportunities to meet professional learning needs and build competencies for public health practice is a challenge .  Many quality learning opportunities are not widely known and in some cases underutilized.  PH-Learn  brings continuing education products, event providers (Contributors) and public health professionals together and  uses key practice references such as  the Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada: Release 1.0 (Core Competencies), to first classify, then search for opportunities that meet learning needs.  

PH-Learn is available without cost to any public health professional across Canada.  All course or event offerings listed are searchable by the Core Competencies, the WHO defined public health practice functions, or by individual keywords.   The listings on PH-Learn include courses offered in a variety of formats,   from podcasts and webinars, to instructor- led online courses with university credits.  PH-Learn includes the full suite of Skills Online courses categorised by the Core Competencies.  In-person public health events listed include classroom instruction, conferences, meetings and seminars.  

Search results from PH-learn display a summary of the course offered, official language(s) of the material, registration fee information and a direct link to the Contributor’s website for more details and registration instructions. 

The success of the PH-Learn database in the Skills Online portal depends on the provision of quality searchable course descriptions, by Contributors, that meet the needs of practitioners seeking professional development learning opportunities.  A Contributor is a course or event provider who has agreed to upload course or event information to PH-Learn.  Contributors will have the opportunity to list as many relevant public health courses or events as possible.  The policy for submitting course or event information to PH-Learn includes the following:

  • The Contributor learning opportunity must relate to a public health discipline.
  • Registration for the course or event must be open to the public.
  • Contributors must give permission to use their content so that PH-Learn can display it online.
  • Contributors will own the information they provide so they must agree to maintain the information and update as necessary.  
  • There is no cost to the Contributor to use PH-Learn.  

If your organization has public health learning opportunities or events that need greater awareness and exposure - now is the time to become a Contributor to PH-Learn ( ).

Contact for your Contributor package NOW!  PH-Learn will be launched in Spring 2016.