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Community Change Institute Toronto, Tamarack

Toronto, Ontario
September 26-30, 2016

We invite you to join our learning community at the first every Community Change Institute. This is an exclusive opportunity to join a group of dynampic leaders and practitioners for five days of onsite learning with world renowned trainers.

The scale and scope of the Community Change Institute is ambitious: 5 days; 40 workshops; learning from world renowned keynote speakers, followed by discussion and synthesis in Learning Labs. This is a learning event – not a workshop – and there is no other event like it. There is enough time to dig deep into issues and attention is paid to the progression of learning, generative knowledge creation, and physical and mental transformation. At the event, we do not provide easy answers but rather engage with you deeply about questions, challenges and opportunities, and help you to work through solutions to create a path forward. Five days is the time you need to deeply immerse yourself in learning and to truly shift your thinking. Shorter workshops are great but this event gives you the time you need to truly transform some of the mental models that may be holding you back.

Your registration fee also includes all lunches and gourmet breaks, an incredible evening reception, exclusive book and resource giveaways and access to an invaluable network of like-minded change makers. At Tamarack events, your learning goes far beyond the five days of in-person training, but extends for a year of ongoing learning as part of our Community Change Institute learning community. With this you will gain access to additional learning opportunities, resources and support and will be part of a group of leaders who are discovering new ways to anticipate and effectively respond to the disruptions impacting communities and cities.

For more information, including fees, or to register, please visit