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Record Keeping, Note Taking & Confidentiality for Professionals in Health and Social Services; SOSWorkshops

Guelph, Ontario
October 3, 2016

Join SOSWorkshops and  Robert Solomon in a practical and informative one day workshop that addresses the importance of good record keeping policies and practices for those working in the Health Care System and for professionals working in the field of Human and Social Services.  Learn how to anticipate and avoid legal problems and liability. Clarify your understanding of the expectations and obligations of record keeping and report writing.

Participants will learn:

  • General rules concerning issues such as liability for negligent, record keeping policies and practices, the use of computer records, record retention policies, ownership and access to records and the law of defamation.
  • The Obligation of Confidentiality, the legal consequences for its breach and the importance of limiting one’s confidentiality obligations at the outset of the professional relationship. General principles governing disclosure of records, both with and without client consent will be discussed.
  • Federal and Provincial Statutes & Mandatory Reporting Obligations and the circumstances in which these statutes require health professionals, counsellors and service providers to report client information to specified officials in cases such as child abuse, suspected elder abuse and sexual impropriety. Information will be provided on common law duty to warn
  • Ontario’s New Health Privacy Law and how it relates to record keeping confidentiality, disclosure and access provisions. Learn to whom the act applies to and the obligations it creates.
  • Leading Canadian Case Reference and the relevant provisions of the provincial legislation.

Cost: $185 plus HST, includes a continental breakfast and lunch.

For details or to register, visit or call 226-268-2307.