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Intersectionality, Anti-Oppression and Collaborative Leadership in Practice Learning Institute; OPHA and Health Nexus

Toronto, Ontario
September 30 to October 1, 2016

8:00 am. to 5:00 p.m.
BMO Learning Centre, 3550 Pharmacy Avenue

This two-day learning event is a first in North America, bringing together innovative trainers and learners to examine intersectional anti-oppression practices within collaborative leadership processes.

Who can benefit from participating in this Learning Institute?

  • If you work in a leadership role in equity-based or anti-oppression-based non-for profit organizations, human rights, public health, social services, grassroots, or educational sectors.
  • If you are trying to incorporate an intersectional social change or social justice framework in your organization, community practice, and among your collaborative partnerships and networks.
  • If you want a dynamic training experience that will deepen your knowledge of intersectional anti-oppression frameworks and leadership practices.

What are the objectives of this Learning Institute?

  1. To provide a learning environment to explore intersectional anti-oppression and collaborative leadership practices, both successes and challenges.
  2. To strengthen your leadership skills in this area and to provide sustainability by establishing wider systems of support and networking opportunities.
  3. To provide learning resources that can be used in your organization, and in community practice that support collaborative leadership development and implementation.

Themes: By participating in cohorts of 20-25, learners with supportive vibrant trainers will explore the following areas from an intersectional, health equity, anti-oppression, collaborative leadership lens:

  • Indigeneity, Decolonization, Reviewing the context of “Canadian Leadership”
  • Race, Racialization, and Resisting Racism
  • Women, Gender, and Demystifying Sexism
  • Dis/ability, Ableism and Redefining Accessibility
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Resisting Heterosexism and Transphobia
  • Children, Youth, Seniors, Challenging Ageism through the Lifespan
  • Social Economic Status, Immigration and Refugee processes, Deconstructing Barriers

The Learning Institute will enhance your anti-oppression learning in a reflexive, creative, and interactive manner, augmenting your skills, knowledge, and toolbox to strengthen your understandings and ability to actualize change.
Please join us in fall 2016!
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