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Call for Nominations, Cathleen Kneen Award, Food Secure Canada

Deadline August 15, 2016

Food Secure Canada gives out this award biannually to recognize vision, leadership and a commitment to grassroots activism in building a more just and ecological food system.

Cathleen Kneen (read her bio at taught that understanding a food system means listening to those most oppressed by it, because they see from underneath how it is constructed and can offer a progressive vision for its transformation. Leadership from the ground up is key to long-lasting, effective work for just and sustainable food systems.

When nominating a person for the Cathleen Kneen Food Movement Builder Award, please keep these criteria in mind:

1.  The Award winner should be a person whose life and work related to food sovereignty involves:

  • Persistence and integrity;
  • Working from the ground up;
  • Working "at the edge:" taking risks, focused on radical / fundamental system change, public good, and future generations;
  • Networking, building community; and,
  • Mentoring, supporting others and developing leadership.

2.  The food movement needs more leadership from Indigenous peoples, socially/politically marginalized communities and from rural / remote / Northern locations.

3.  The Award winner should be a person who has demonstrable experience and a solid track record, but who is not already well known or celebrated for his or her work.

The nominee does not have to be a FSC member: we will be happy to offer an honorary membership to the winner if she or he is not already a member.

Submit the name and contact information for your nominee, and a short (400 word maximum) description of why you are nominating the person, by August 15, 2016, by filling the form at The award will be presented at 2016 Assembly in Toronto in mid October.