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A call to action: add PrEP to Ontario's public drug plans!

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is highly effective at preventing HIV. It is one pill, taken once a day. Despite being approved by Health Canada in early 2016 and recommended for coverage by the Common Drug Review in August, most Ontarians who need PrEP cannot afford the cost.

Today in Ontario, gay men represent 6 out of 10 new HIV cases, women make up 1 in 5 and people of colour nearly half of all new HIV cases. PrEP is a revolutionary new HIV prevention tool – people and communities can’t wait. We need more prevention options now. We are asking for increased access to PrEP by having it listed on the general formulary of Ontario’s Public Drug Program.

A group of advocates have organized themselves as CanPrEP and are asking for your support in a campaign called List PrEP Now! You can learn more about the campaign, what its aims are and how you can support it (petition!) at their website,