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Supervision Essentials: Skills for the New Supervisor

9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Rygiel Supports for Community Living, 930 Upper Paradise Road

Are you a new manager or are you in the process of becoming one? Are you looking to develop your skills? This highly interactive workshop, designed for non-profit sector supervisors, will provide you with useful ideas and practical tools to improve your overall supervisory and management effectiveness. It will focus on the following.

What's my Style?

* Complete an assessment to identify your leadership style

* Learn to put your style to work

Role of the Supervisor

* What's my job? What really counts? Clarify your role

* Management vs. Leadership -- what's the difference?

* Develop insights into how to motivate your staff

* Learn to engage your staff and promote dialogue

People Practices

* Understand how to interview for fit

* Learn how to give accurate, constructive and effective feedback

* Understand how to deal with performance problems

* Become aware of your legal rights and responsibilities

Project Management

* To delegate or not to delegate? The role you should take and when

* Understand the phases of a project -- concept, planning, execution, and completion

* Urgent or important? Goals, objectives, priorities and action

* Lead productive and effective meetings

Learning Design

* Brief presentations, discussion, experiential exercises, real world applications, tools and assessments

This session is facilitated by Jill Ash, Consultant and Project Management Specialist, Healthy Futures Group.

Workshop Fee (lunch included)

Individual rate $99 plus GST. Register and pay by August 26 and pay only $75 plus GST.

For more information or to register visit or call (905) 569-8474. VISA and MasterCard are accepted.