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Carrot City Canada Exhibit

Toronto, Ontario
September 22 to October 15, 2016

Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Architecture Building at Ryerson University, 325 Church Street

Carrot City Canada explores how design can enable the production of food in cities. By examining the connection between urbanism, design, and food, the exhibit demonstrates how design can be used to bring healthy food systems closer to home. While the Carrot City initiative, based at Ryerson’s Department of Architectural Science since 2008, looks at design work from many countries, this current exhibition focuses on the relationships between design and urban food systems in Canadian cities. It includes posters featuring outstanding realized projects, projections of student work, and a variety of objects intended for use in urban food production.

This exhibit is open to the public until October 15, 2016.

Please see for further information and updates on upcoming and exciting events related to this exhibit.