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Call for Workshop Proposals-- Ontario Walk-in Counselling Clinic Symposium

Deadline January 16, 2017

Since 2001 there has been a wave of growth of walk-in counselling clinics in Ontario. Currently there are at least 40 operating clinics, with more opening their doors every month. There are likely more clinics in Ontario than anywhere else in the world!

Our walk-in counselling clinics provide people with immediate help when they need it, and engage people in therapeutic encounters that are useful, meaningful and oriented to their knowledge, skills and preferences. This achievement of such socially responsive services should be celebrated!
Let's come together and share our experience, knowledge, and practices. Let's inspire each other with our passion, innovations and imagined future directions.

Get ready to attend! Get ready to participate!

May 11 & 12, 2017
Holiday Inn Oakville Centre
Hosted by the Windz Institute a division of ROCK Centre of Learning

Our Purpose: To provide a highly collaborative and participatory forum for all who are interested in walk-in clinic service delivery to come together and share stories of our journeys, discoveries, innovations, and creative future directions.

Organizing Group: Karen Young, Director Windz Institute/ ROCK Centre of Learning; Joanna Matthews, V.P. of Strategic Development, ROCK; Rashaad Vahed, V.P. Clinical Services, ROCK and Angela Miceli, Coordinator Windz Institute

Advisory Group: David O’Brien, CYW, CYC B.A., MACP, PBDM, EMBA (in progress); Mary Barzyk, B.A.Psyc. (Hon.), MES, OACCPP; David Pare, Ph.D.; Sharna Cohen, M.Ed., R.S.W.
Everett McGuinty, M.A., R.P.

Please submit proposals to Angela Miceli:
Due Date: January 17th, 2016

Some possiblities for workshops, however we are looking for surprises too!

  • Particular clinical approaches and why they are important in walk-in therapy
  • What discoveries in neuroscience suggest about walk-in therapy
  • Consultation and supervision at walk-in clinics
  • Ways to make the service available and accessible in equitable ways
  • How to respond to high demand for the service
  • Responding to diverse populations/cultural relevance/indigenous communities
  • Unique settings (schools, hospitals, being visible in the community)
  • Mobile walk-ins
  • Responding to unique issues in rural or isolated communities
  • Documentation practices at walk-in clinics
  • The use of virtual technology for walk-in clinics
  • Special consideration in managing of crises at walk-in clinics
  • Evaluation and research of walk-in clinics
  • Other innovations and future directions at walk-in clinics

Format For Workshop Proposal Submission:

Section 1:
Name of presenter(s): maximum of three presenters per workshop

Section 2:
Short bio for each presenter: maximum 125 words per bio

Section 3:
Title of workshop:
Preferred length for workshop: rank your choices: 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs, 3 hrs.
Workshop summary: please describe your presentation content. This is what will appear in advertising. (150 words)
Include: 3 bullet points on key areas you will cover as follows-
Participants will learn _________.

Section 4:
Presentation format: please describe the different methods you will use for delivering your presentation (PPT, discussion, case examples, exercises?). Please include a description of how you will engage the participants in conversation with you and with each other during the workshop.
Audiovisual requirements: flip charts, projector, screen, speakers, other? (All presenters will be expected to provide their own laptops.)

Review Process: All workshop proposals will be reviewed and then selected by the Advisory Group and the Organizing Group.

Notification of Acceptance: January 30, 2017