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Now Online--Resonance Project Community Report, CATIE

We are excited to inform you that the Resonance Project Community Report is now available online.

Given the significant scientific developments in HIV prevention, we created a national community-based research project to understand more about how gay men and their service providers understand, perceive and integrate these new prevention approaches in Canada.  Over 80 gay men and 30 service providers took part in the research.

The Resonance Project explored many key issues related to how biomedical aspects of HIV are being taken up by gay men and their service providers. Read the report to find out:

Is “undetectable [viral load]” the new negative?

  • Are these biomedical approaches finally letting gay men have the kind of sex they desire?
  • Are these approaches helping to reduce stigma against people living with HIV?
  • In the eyes of gay men and service providers, are PrEP users responsible, sluts, or responsible sluts?
  • When and why do some service providers stick to condom-use messaging?
  • Do service providers actively encourage their clients to distrust other gay men?
  • What challenges are encountered by service providers who are themselves gay men?

Read about the project and download the full report from

Who is behind the Resonance Project?

The Resonance Project: Emerging Biomedical Discourses and Decisions within Gay Men’s Knowledge Networks is a community-based research project.  It was conducted by:

  • Dr. Barry Adam from the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology at the University of Windsor
  • Ed Jackson, Len Tooley and James Wilton from CATIE
  • San Patten from the CIHR Social Research Centre in HIV Prevention, and a consultant
  • Marc-André LeBlanc, consultant
  • Kim Thomas from the Canadian AIDS Society
  • Shayna Buhler from the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development
  • Greg Penney from the Canadian Public Health Association
  • Wayne Robert and Jody Jollimore from the Health Initiative for Men (Vancouver)
  • Robert Rousseau and Gabriel Girard from REZO (Montreal)
  • Owen McEwen from the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (Ontario)

The project was funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and had ethics approval from the University of Windsor.