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Late Fall Roundup of Resources from the Healthy Aboriginal Network

Child protection comic and video
We created a comic and video on child protection, entitled Emily's Choice. It was, as usual, a challenge to weigh the feedback of youth in or around care, social workers and Legal Aid BC, as several of their opinions conflicted. Even the topic name was controversial. (Protection) But we focus group tested the draft story twice and missed the deadline by six months, so we're reasonably confident we've addressed most of the concerns. (Pobody's Nerfect) You can download the book for free, watch the video and order books and posters at Please don't try to order the books from us; they are only available through Crown Publications.
First Nations soldiers in WWI
In October of 2015, we were asked to illustrate a short story on First Nations soldiers in WWI, based on a play called REDPATCH. You can download it for free here: Please do not try to order from us; the eight page book is not in print. But if you're interested in the play you can get more information here: Enjoy. It's beautiful work.
Financial Literacy comic book
November is financial literacy month, so what better time to remind you that we have a FinLit comic book called The Game Plan. You can check it out at You can send me an email to order at or order here:
Stigma of mental health comic book
I know what it's like to live with anxiety and to worry about our children and try to get them help. It's tough. Especially to get them to talk. If you know any pre-teens that could use a story to relate to, check out our stigma of mental health comic book at It can be ordered the same as the FinLit comic book.