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Planning and Development Consultant, Northwest LHIN

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Deadline December 2, 2016

Job Description

Job Title: Planning and Development Consultant
Reports to: Director, Health System Design and Development (Hsdd)
Jobs Reporting: None
Division / Department: Health System Transformation (HST) – Health System Design
and Development (HSDD)
Location: North West LHIN, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Primary Purpose:

Reporting to the Director, Health System Design and Development, the consultant serves as a resource and support to the design and development division and program areas and assists in the identification and implementation of appropriate planning and development methodologies. Responsible for assisting with the management of complex planning projects initiatives to support members on the health system design and development team regarding planning and research.

In addition, the consultant is responsible for ensuring implementation of the Integrated Health Services Plan (IHSP) priorities and initiatives and helps stakeholders successfully plan, execute and manage project and program management responsibilities.

Key Accountabilities:

  1. Creates opportunities for community involvement by assisting with planning, coordinating and development of strategies that foster and promote positive relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  2. Keeps up to date records on community engagement outcomes.
  3. Identifies emerging issues in the community that require a planning/development response.
  4. Acts as a resource to senior planners and integration leads to identify and support system design and development objectives.
  5. Provides input on community engagement for the Integrated Health Services Plan.
  6. Assists with and coordination of the delivery of LHIN community events including planning and logistics.
  7. Coordinates and contributes to the analysis of local health-care system based on provincial data, community input and other sources for purpose of identifying gaps and establishing planning priorities and system indicators.
  8. Identifies, selects and uses appropriate planning approaches and needs-based predictive models with community input, to be used in the development and implementation of the Integrated Health Services Plan (IHSP).
  9. Works with healthcare provider organizations to build their capacity and facilitate implementation of quality improvement initiatives, measurement and change management projects to ensure effective performance and organizational success.
  10. Works with the project sponsors in monitoring and managing priority projects and preparing roll-up reports to the senior team and Board of Directors. Consolidates final reports, creates final dashboards, reviews and files monthly reports.
  11. Promotes high-quality research and produces evidence to support health planning.
  12. Participates in effective stakeholder consultation related to planning, assessing and evaluating the impact of recommendations and decisions, and promotes consensus among stakeholders for action required.
  13. Develops innovative approaches for provider partnerships and selects among alternative approaches to achieve system coordination.
  14. Works with and engages providers and stakeholders to develop improvement strategies and activities that enhance access and better coordinate care.
  15. Participates in and contributes to provincial and inter-LHIN planning and development activities.
  16. Provides and manages technical planning input, analysis and evaluation of health system improvement initiatives.
  17. Builds internal and external collaborations and partnerships to advance the planning, design and development of community engagement activities and initiatives.
  18. Monitors and evaluates community engagement initiatives.
  19. Shares leading practices for coordination of planning, development and evaluation of projects with other LHINs and participates in dialogue on community engagement methods and performance evaluation.
  20. Provides advice and input from the planning and analytical perspective to the development of health care system strategies for stakeholders, planning, and the senior leadership team.
  21. Manages project plans and assists with budget allocation for planning & community engagement initiatives.
  22. Performs other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:


  • Post-secondary /Masters Degree in health administration, health planning, business administration or relevant field.


  • Minimum 3-5 years of related experience.
  • Previous experience in community outreach, consultation or stakeholder management and familiarity with current theory and techniques of community engagement.
  • Demonstrated experience with facilitation techniques and processes, including experience developing and facilitating large complex sessions involving diverse stakeholders.
  • Planning experience, preferably within a health-care environment, with proven success in leading planning projects.
  • Skills and experience in event planning and implementation.
  • Ability to select and apply multiple planning and evaluation methodologies as appropriate.
  • Previous experience in carrying out technical research and analysis, preferably in the health-care sector.
  • Quality improvement and evaluation experience in a healthcare environment.
  • Excellent project management and presentation skills including budgeting, planning and communicating.
  • Ability to work effectively in partnership with broad range of individuals and organizations of diverse backgrounds, preferably within the health-care sector.
  • Superior interpersonal and relationship management skills, supported by excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Understanding of the Ontario health-care system, its stakeholders, programs and issues.
  • French language skills are an asset.

Nature and Scope:

  • Interpersonal Contacts:
    • Internally, this position will work closely with LHIN health system transformation staff to identify opportunities for community consultation and provide feedback based on community interactions. Must also communicate with employees throughout the organization to present, discuss information and problems related to undertaking the priority setting analysis and evaluation of health planning functions.
    • Externally, this position must maintain relationships with individuals and organizations both from within the healthcare sector and across the broader community.  Must also, communicate directly with various stakeholders to obtain and exchange the information required by the planning group to perform their analytical and quality improvement work, and gains consensus and agreement on the needs, priorities and integration plans and initiatives.
  • Level of Responsibility: The position assists in community engagement with the development of consultation strategies, implementation of quality improvement methods and processes as well as modeling sustainable improvements, priority-setting analysis and health planning and integration. Works closely with the Director, Health System Design and Development to determine business plans and priorities.
  • Decision-Making Authority: The position provides recommendations and works closely with the Director, Health System Design and Development in the development and implementation of community consultation methods and processes as well as identifying key decisions related to priority setting and health planning and integration. The position supports appropriate planning methodologies.
  • Physical and Sensory Demands: Minimal demands typical of a junior professional position in an office environment.
  • Working Environment: Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions associated with a junior professional position within an office environment.

Application deadline: December 2, 2016

Application submission: