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Beyond the Fads: Change Management That Works, A Seminar on Participative Design

Sheraton Parkway Hotel, 404 and Highway 7

Participative Design (PD) is not a fad. It is a proven and unique approach to organizational redesign that represents the lifework and organizational change methods developed by Fred and Merrilyn Emery. Its proven success has been driven by the underlying principles of allowing people to restructure their own work while balancing and maintaining organizational control. No designs are imposed -- everyone who will be impacted is involved in the design work. PD creates an environment in which people control and coordinate their own work within a self-managing team. Documented productivity improvements from PD have averaged 40%.

Proven Benefits of PD include benefits to the bottom line; improved flexibility, responsiveness and competitiveness; and benefits to the workplace environment.

Does your organization want/need to

* Adapt effectively to the turbulent changes in your industry and market environment?

* Anticipate and manage changing customer expectations?

* Generate innovative solutions to complex organizational issues?

* Enhance your quality and productivity?

* Re-energize and motivate staff and reduce workplace stress?

* Create and maintain a culture of commitment?

This is a seminar for organizational groups interested in exploring a change tool to create flatter and more democratic organizations to support self-managing teams. The seminar is designed for small groups of senior staff and union leadership to explore the participative design process.

Seminar leaders include Dr Don Deguerre, Sylvia Cheuy and Joan Roberts. All three seminar leaders trained with at least one of the Emerys and are contributors to the upcoming book, The Collaborative Work Systems Fieldbook: Strategies for Building Successful Teams, to be published in March 2003 by John Wiley and Sons.

For further information phone (416) 523-0390 or email